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Data Protection Work Group

Whitepaper: A Review of BioPharma Sponsor Data Sharing Policies and Protection Methodologies

Date: September 12, 2022
This white paper examines clinical trial data contribution policies and the data protection methodologies applied to protect patient privacy. Information published by 29 biopharma sponsors was collected across three data-sharing platforms, collated by sponsor size. Results showed that large sponsor contribution policies can provide helpful benchmarks for medium and smaller sponsors. However, understanding the data protection methodologies applied by data contributors required the development of an interpretation rubric. This lack of clarity in the critical data transformation area can present a significant barrier for researchers and hinder their understanding of which studies will be useful in their research. Findings of the paper include highlighting an opportunity for sponsors to both aid researchers and reduce unnecessary data preparation work by sharing information with more consistency and clarity.

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Webinar: Review of Data Sharing Policies and Protection Methodologies

Date: June 29, 2022
At the PHUSE Data Transparency Summer Event, Aaron Mann and Luk Arbuckle (Privacy Analytics) previewed a data protection assessment methodology, highlighted some of the challenges faced by researchers when relying on publicly available sponsor information, and discussed the importance of developing reliable benchmarks that can help guide sponsor policy development.

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General Resources

Podcast: Unlocking the True Potential of Clinical Research Data

Date: September 23, 2022

In Teckro’s podcast episode “Unlocking the True Potential of Clinical Research Data,” Aaron Mann discusses the importance of unleashing the power of clinical research data. Aaron explains why he’s optimistic about the potential of data sharing among sponsors to revolutionize trial design and improve patient recruitment – and why he believes patients really want their data to be shared.

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Podcast: Mind Your Data: The First Rule of Predictive Analytics in Clinical Research

Date: June 17, 2022
In this episode of the IEEE Standard Association’s “Re-Think Health” Podcast Series, Aaron Mann and Maria Polombini discuss how open data sharing is paving the way to access more quality, real-world and inclusive data to enable predictivity analytics to be more accurate, resourceful, and utilitarian in the world of clinical research.

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Article: Realizing the Promise of Data Sharing: A Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

Date: January 3, 2022
This article in Clinical Leader discusses the challenges faced across the clinical data sharing ecosystem and how CRDSA’s Work Streams are addressing these challenges.

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