“We see clinical research data sharing as an inevitable and transformative data source for future clinical development and human health.”

– Founding Biopharma Member

The data landscape is rapidly evolving, creating new opportunities and presenting unique challenges. By joining leaders from biopharma companies, nonprofit organizations, health authorities, academia, and technology and service partners, members can stay on top of the latest developments, emerging trends, and thought leadership to shape their data-sharing practices.

CRDSA invites organizations from across the clinical development ecosystem to join us in advancing the state of data-sharing in clinical research. Our members collaborate to reduce barriers to data reuse and foster new approaches that accelerate research and benefit patients.

Member Benefits

  • Preferred deliverables access
    • Exclusive member-only assets
    • Priority access and review (optional) of all public deliverables
  • Steering Committee representation
    • Contribute to decisions on which projects CRDSA will undertake
    • Shape the direction of deliverables development
    • Receive regular reports on work group progress and project development
    • Submit proposals for new projects, ad hoc interest groups, and topic-specific focus groups
  • Participate in the work groups and projects relevant to your organization (optional). The benefits of active participation include:
    • Derive detailed, topic-specific insights from discussions of the latest approaches on essential topics like data protection, regulatory policy, next-generation technologies, and secondary use standards
    • Deliverables authorship acknowledgment
    • Opportunity to represent CRDSA in public presentations, conferences, webinars, etc.
  • Engage in active dialogue with health authorities and regulatory bodies
  • Gain visibility for your organization’s participation and contributions while showing your commitment to sharing and using data responsibly and ethically

CRDSA provides an opportunity for organizations to both contribute expertise and build the competencies critical to developing and executing an effective data strategy. To find out more about CRDSA, the membership process, and opportunities to get involved, please contact us at membership@CRDSAlliance.org.

Annual Dues

General Membership: For-Profit Company Annual Dues*

  • Tier 1 (1 – 99 employees): $7,500

  • Tier 2 (100 – 999 employees): $15,000

  • Tier 3 (1,000 – 9,999 employees): $30,000

  • Tier 4 (over 10,000 employees): $50,000

Nonprofit/Academic Institutions/NGOs/Health Authorities

No dues are required. We do ask for a minimum non-contractual resource allocation to one or more of CRDSA’s working groups.

*New members are prorated for first year mid-year membership – billed annually on January 1st thereafter